Ramsey man’s racist grandfather ‘almost ruined Black Panther’


A 24 year old man from Ramsey has apologised after his racist grandfather “lost it” during a screening of the latest Marvel movie hit Black Panther.

It’s thought the man believed he was going to see a film about 60s political activists and had worked himself into such a frenzy he was unable to stop when the truth became clear.

24 year old Ben Two-Lefts Qualtrough of Cronk Maieagher said: “He was sort of screaming and foaming the minute Wakanda got mentioned, sort of going on about how they were all coming over here and getting houses and cars and jewel-encrusted sex toys cos they know how to milk the system.

“Security threw him out, so I pretended I didn’t know him.

“It was embarrassing so like, yeah, sorry my granddad’s such a dick.”

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