Guess why it can’t happen here

Each week, we’ll be asking a random minister why something we’ve read about elsewhere can’t happen here.

Last week’s answer was the worsening state of men’s personal hygiene.

See if you can guess the minister and the issue in the comments below!


We are, of course, aware of this issue and the sensitivities surrounding it. Facing up to challenges is something this government is committed to doing in a strategic way via its Strategy for Government programme which has been approved by Tynwald.

You can rest assured that departments are getting to grips with the problem, and subject to Tynwald approval, we will procure off-Island resources to complement our own in order to spearhead a multi-agency response to urgent needs.

There may sometimes be calls for knee-jerk reactions in such situations, but we would ask all stakeholders to remain reassured that we are working as hard and as fast as we as can. Government has already formulated a roadmap for change, which begins with a transparent process of appropriate consultation. This, in turn, will form the basis on which departments can build a coordinated strategic plan.

We are confident that this government can deliver on-time and on-budget.

So, can you guess who it is and what it’s about?

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